color me skeptical

Subj: 2010 ASA – Housing Is Open and the ASA Hotels are booking up FAST!!

(Clarifying note: that ASA failed to book its hotel allotment in Atlanta last time the meetings were there is a big part of why we are going back again so soon.)

Author: jeremy

I am the Ethel and John Lindgren Professor of Sociology and a Faculty Fellow in the Institute for Policy Research at Northwestern University.

8 thoughts on “color me skeptical”

  1. What amazed me most was the video of Evelyn Nakano Glenn’s bookshelf with a little bit of the top of her head popping into view from time to time while she narrates the welcome to ASA. Was this how it looked to everyone else?


    1. yes, till I zoomed it to Full Screen. Then I had a full view of her (which was helpful, because it was so quiet I had to read her lips to know what she was saying).


  2. BUYER BEWARE – arranging housing on your own may result in facial warts, tennis elbow, premature balding, and/or carpal tunnel syndrome.


  3. This is good news. No guilt for those who choose to stay elsewhere if ASA is fulfilling its obligation FAST!!

    PAA rooms did sell out quickly. I was in an official overflow hotel a mile away. The PAA location in Dallas was further from other hotels and restaurants than any other conference location in my recent memory.



    I saw that note. “We have been made aware of an entity known as THE MARKET which may offer you identical or near-substitute accommodation at a supposedly significant discount. Unfortunately, some past attendees have fallen prey to THE MARKET and have either paid less money, been located at a room up to two blocks away, or otherwise received a good or service which they contracted for cheap. Reservations made through THE MARKET are be at your own risk, subject only to the laws and conventions governing exchange in a capitalist democracy.”


  5. rates available directly from the marriott are currently LOWER than the rates available at the marriott through the ASA bank. ($159 vs $179 for a double.) fyi.


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