i hear he will kiss your baby

Kieran Healy is begging for votes in his bid to rule the world sit on the Publications Committee for the ASA. I, for one, support his platform to publish the work of junior associate scholars of sexualities and social movements in ASR.

Anyone else looking for bloggerly love in the ASA election? If we can even get Jeremy elected, really, the power of the blog bloc knows no bounds.

2 thoughts on “i hear he will kiss your baby”

  1. I was contemplating a write-in campaign for ASA president, but then I realized it would destroy my current anonymity on Scatterplot (which I hold so very dear).
    By the way, what is the average “scatterplot bump” and does it apply just to ASA or could we use it for other associations as well (i.e. regional, specialty, etc)?


  2. I was hoping for a test of the power of blog versus the well-established oligarchy of Sociologists for Women in Society that has a stranglehold on sociological democracy with the Publications Committee match-up of Extreme Blogger Kieran Healy vs. SWS Grande Dame Dana Britton. It turns out, however, that there are two open seats on that committee, so my research design sank like a paper canoe.


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