we said, ‘send cash,’ not ‘ash’

I’m in London. It’s lovely here — the weather is beautiful. Which is good because I might be here a while. If things keep up with this volcano — and I suspect they will — I have no real chance of leaving any time soon. This is a very odd position to be in. There isn’t much I can do to leave. But I am most certainly going to miss work (teaching). I’m thinking about trying to teach via skype. Who knows if that will work? I’m lucky in that my brother lives in London. So I’m not spending tons of $$$ on a hotel room (there are stories here of people running out of cash — thinking they could go home days ago, only to be stuck here, with hotel bills and food bills. Some have moved out of the hotel and into the airport to save $$$).

The title is a joke that lots of UK people are telling — I gather that they feel much of Iceland’s debt has been absorbed by their banks. And this volcano, it seems, is insult to injury. Wish me luck on getting home! Best case scenario, tomorrow. But we’re likely talking early next week some time. Crazy, no? I’m not sure what to do. I didn’t bring enough work. Perhaps just enjoy the forced holiday. But at some point I’m going to need to fight with other travelers to get on a flight. That will be a rough day at the airport.

8 thoughts on “we said, ‘send cash,’ not ‘ash’”

  1. At some point in this kind of disaster I think you realize that normal life is just not going to happen. It reminds me of the couple of times broken bones wiped out my typing hands and painkillers my brain for a while. Um, I reflected that I’m rarely without my work because I carry around a mirror of my PC in a portable hard drive. (Not that I necessarily do work wherever I am. But I have it with me.) Of course, if your work involves books, that’s harder.

    I’ll admit it: survivor euphoria. I’m sitting here thankful I’m not in Europe.


    1. Your post reminded me: I’m supposed to get the copy edits of my book this week. That should keep me busy. Not only is my flight likely canceled. The next one I can likely get on is Thursday. Wow.


      1. I have no idea how the edits are come — or how they work. First time! But I managed to get on a Wednesday afternoon flight. Let’s hope that actually goes!


  2. I had lots of guest speakers via skype in my 120 person classroom last quarter. With a $75 HD camera it worked great. But you need someone there (TA?) to make sure the class is paying attention.


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