unlocking iphone?

I figure there are some folks here who might have experience unlocking their iphones. I’m traveling abroad. Anyone have any experience unlocking their phone? Is it worth it? I know it will void my warranty, but I have the old 3g phone and my warranty has expired anyway. Or should I just buy one of those disposable phones?

4 thoughts on “unlocking iphone?”

  1. Unlocking your phone is pretty easy, and has a bunch of benefits (taking your device onto other networks, access to stable and awesome apps that go unapproved in the itunes store b/c they don’t fit Apple’s business model, free apps if piracy is your thing). I jailbroke a friend’s old iphone (she upgraded) and have been using it on Tmobile for about a year now. I haven’t had a single problem with it, and the folks at TMobile have wavered between not caring at all and offering tacit approval. You’ll lose a couple things on another network (I need to call into my voicemail to hear messages — setting up a shadow google number and getting vms as text messages solves this) but overall it’s worth it. FWIW you can also unlock your phone while you’re abroad and then just reinstall the factory settings when you get back.


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