theodicy, politics, basketball, and progress

A year ago, we had recently inaugurated an African-American president who ran on a visionary, if not radical, platform. Health care reform looked truly within reach. And the Heels had just won the NCAA national championship.

A year later, that president is in hot water, health care reform passed only by being an essentially Republican plan without any Republican support, the Heels didn’t make it to the NCAA tournament, and to cap it all off, the bad guys won the championship.

All this strikes me as (a) requiring a certain theodicy to make sense of it all; or at least (b) challenging the idea of unilinear progress.

Author: andrewperrin

University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill

One thought on “theodicy, politics, basketball, and progress”

  1. Theodicy is one of the words I have to look up every time I see it as I never remember what it means. This has led me to learn that Wikipedia has quite a long essay on the subject.


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