the new asa website

My browser (Firefox) has a feature that is usually very useful. When I search for a journal article on the web (i.e., not through a library subscription search engine), it bumps me over to my library’s login page, so that I can view the article through their subscription. I don’t know how this works, but it is really convenient, so I never questioned it until now. The problem is that when I look up the redesigned ASA website, my browser bumps me to my library login page, as if this is a subscription-only service. Same story when ASA twitters a link to its page; I can’t get to it without logging in.

You might be thinking, “Tina, why don’t you contact the ASA to see what is up with that?” Great idea, and one that led me to the Contact link on the ASA Website:

There is a form to fill out, with no box for a note. I thought the Submit button might take me to a page where I might make an inquiry, but no–just a message thanking me for contacting them. I suppose they will get back to me? And their directory doesn’t list any email addresses, and I couldn’t find a link for web support, so what is a lazy blogger to do? Ask you, of course! Does anyone know why this is happening and how I might stop it?

6 thoughts on “the new asa website”

  1. Strange. My browser has the same feature that links me to the university’s library page when I’m looking for articles. But it doesn’t do this when I go to the ASA webpage. It sounds like it might be a problem with your university network.

    Of course, that doesn’t explain why the ASA’s contact form is so dysfunctional. Very weird.


  2. Apart from how funny the web site is, I tested by not logging in (the new default is that you log in) and clicking on “about asa”, and then “staff directory” which took me to a list of phone numbers and emails. Of course, webmaster isn’t listed . . .


  3. I recently left two voicemails for people at the ASA office, and no one returned my calls. So, I wouldn’t hold my breath about an email reply. (I’ve had excellent interactions with the ASA press/PR department though).


  4. While we’re on the subject of ASA and the web, does anyone else, like me, just totally filled with hatred about the web-only version of footnotes? I’m trying to force myself to read it, but the impulse to delete immediately is almost impossible to resist. Today I clicked twice, asked myself what I am paying dues for, and closed it down.


  5. I had a similar problem, using Firefox and having it send me to my library website when I clicked on journal articles…the problem recently went away when I ran a series of updates, including an update for Firefox. I thought I was the only one and could not find any information about it online!


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