a bold look for a bold journal

So, like many of you, I recently received the latest issue of the American Sociological Review. This is evidently the first issue to ship from the new editorship and I’m pleased to see that a number of interesting-looking articles are in it. At the same time, I was somewhat surprised by the new look:

That’s definitely a bold change from the sorts of covers we’ve seen previously, and I’m forced to commend the willingness to move in a new direction. And yet, I couldn’t help but feel like I’ve seen this sort of thing somewhere before. Why does this cover seem so familiar?

And then it hit me…

The new ASR really does look like something I’m familiar with:

Unintended resemblance, or subtle hint from the editors: you make the call!

As a side note: This is all meant in jest and good fun, I have nothing but fondness for the ASR, please don't reject my papers out-of-hand. Thank you.

16 thoughts on “a bold look for a bold journal”

  1. I like the look. I was disappointed to see they went from footnotes to endnotes, though I know that’s easier to handle.

    Assuming this is the place to make constructive suggestions, I would recommend that they put running heads back on the top of the pages, instead of just the authors’ names.


  2. The ASR like a bottle of booze? No way. The font is totally different.

    Is this the start of a contest — “How is the ASR like Johnny Black?” or “How is the ASR different from Johnny Black?”


    1. Too lazy to look it up: is ASR edited @ Vanderbilt now? Do ASA journals have the tradition of making the editor’s school colors the journal colors? (like some other association I’m familiar with…)


  3. While I thought the editing done at tOSU was great, I have to agree that the pink look was terrible. I love the new look, though! It’s not just Vanderbilt colors (though of course they are); it’s a whole classy new look.


  4. Take this for what you will, but three of my colleagues (a psychologist, an economist and a biologist–I know it sounds like the start of a bad joke) all noted the new journal on my self next to all my other ASRs and picked it up without realizing it was ASR (and that I had years of copies that they had never touched before). In fact, one used the term “highbrow” as in “what are you doing reading such a highbrow journal.”


  5. Maybe I’m just getting old, but I can’t read the cover….I’m hoping they switch it up to gold and black….


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