ok go, science, and silliness

If you haven’t seen the latest OK Go video (even though Jenn Lena tweeted that you should, as did I, retweeted by Beth Duckles–probably your grandma also, because she is down with the twitter too), please take a moment to enjoy this amazing Rube Goldberg machine timed to this catchy OK Go song.

At the time I write this, the video has over 2 million views. That’s a lot, but I think about a quarter of those views are from my family watching it over and over again.

There’s no joy in the world like discovering that Kid is fascinated by the same thing that fascinates me; it happens rarely. This video is both an amazing engineering feat and a completely ridiculous exercise. This mix of physics and silliness somehow makes it perfectly fascinating for both of us (and Husband too).

Kid’s favorite part is when they destroy a TV with a sledgehammer. Hilarious! I love the ball bearings in the beginning–the timing is amazing. We are inspired. I see some domino/car/tennis ball creations in our future. With light sabers, probably, because that’s how Kid rolls.

4 thoughts on “ok go, science, and silliness”

  1. Word. I almost tweeted back that my kids loved it. We rock the Haba marble ramps at home (and in kindergarten), so this was perfect. Thanks!


  2. Nice text of interview with the folks who made the machine:


    Title is “OK Go Rube Goldberg video: meet the makers!” which can be found on google for the shortened link faint of heart.


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