my first op-ed in a student paper…

So for the first time in my life I have written an “op-ed.” It was an interesting experience, and one quite different from blogging. I decided to write on inequality and elite education (which is pretty much what I’ve been working on the last year — the book will be out some time around the end of this year). I’m not sure why I fell into a more journalistic mode of constructing a story (starting with an “event” and using it to elaborate a set of disconnected points). But I did. One of my concerns was that the editorial would read like an attack on students at Columbia (“you’re rich and that’s why you’re here, so don’t think you’re so smart…”).  Continue reading “my first op-ed in a student paper…”

don’t ask, don’t tell

Is this the moment when we end the policy preventing lesbians and gay men from serving openly in the U.S. military? The recent statement by the chairmen of the Joint Chiefs of Staff makes it seem like we are on the precipice of change. He framed the change in terms of when, not if, it will happen. To think about whether this policy change is possible in the current political climate, it is important to remember why this move didn’t work in 1992. Continue reading “don’t ask, don’t tell”