h1n1 and the vaccinated family

One of the reasons people give me for not getting the flu shot is that they might get the flu anyway. This is certainly the case. The flu shot is about 80% effective at preventing flu, so it’s not an absolute guarantee of keeping the flu away. But it’s flawed logic to think that this means that the flu shot is not worth getting. Reducing your chances of getting the flu is a good idea on its own. And better still, the flu shot gives you a boost to your immune system so that if you get the flu, you can fight it off more easily, and your symptoms will be mild.

We were lucky enough to get immunized before coming down with the flu, even though our city’s biggest wave of H1N1 came through slightly earlier than the vaccine. Thankfully, it missed us before the flu shot, but we’re dealing with it now. It started with Kid, who had a mysterious cough over Christmas break. It sounded bad, especially in the morning, but he never had a fever, and he wasn’t sidelined at all. The cough lasted long enough that I threatened to take him to the doctor if it didn’t clear up soon, but it went away on its own just fine. Then, Husband came down with the cough, then a mild fever, and the aches and exhaustion. Only then did we figure out it was the flu. It is probably H1N1, as this is the only strain going around our town.

Husband is on the couch now, watching Bedtime Stories with Kid. After one day down, he’s feeling a bit better and planning to play hockey tonight (goalies are like that). I’m feeling fine and hope to miss it altogether. I have to say that even though we are dealing with the flu, I am 100% glad we got the flu shot. We should be all done with this by the end of the weekend.

2 thoughts on “h1n1 and the vaccinated family”

  1. My community did not have the vaccine available to any but children last fall. Even my 22-year-old son who has a certified medical risk condition wasn’t eligible for any place that actually had the vaccine until December, by which time we were on the road for most of the month for family visits and otherwise occupied when we weren’t. I’m trying to decide whether it is worth the inconvenience to go get the vaccine now. And my son is refusing to go to the trouble on the grounds “I’m not going to get swine flu. Leave me alone.” Ah the immortality of youth.


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