6 thoughts on “conversation”

    1. Wow–that was a really good column. He’s an interesting mix of viewpoints–sometimes I feel like he totally gets it and next I’m surprised at his cluelessness.


  1. I thought the exact same thing “Dances with Wolves in Space…and 3D!!”
    But my biggest surprise was when I came home and I briefly described the plot to my 3rd grade son. (And who by the way will not be seeing it anytime soon due to the incredibly graphic violence-PG13…really??). With no mention of possible connections to history (or other movies), he quickly said “I bet the Native Americans wish someone could have done that for them!” Apparently he is studying U.S. history and is currently learning about how Native Americans were treated–it has kind of rocked his previous mindset of multicultural bliss that he experiences in the fairly diverse neighborhood where we live.


  2. I was thinking more Ferngully with weaker voice actors.
    But that’s all beside the point. It’s like complaining about the storylines in Busby Berkeley musicals.


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