sexuality + sociology = awesome

Are you reading the new-ish Contexts blog Sexuality & Society? It’s 31 flavors of awesome, with posts by Kari Lerum, Shari Dworkin, Adina Nack and other fantabulous sociologists of sexuality. Today’s post exposing the connection between Uganda’s recent anti-gay crusades and U.S. evangelical missionary work there is exactly the sort of thing about which I think “I should blog about that” immediately prior to looking up addresses of second cousins for my holiday cards. Priorities!

One thought on “sexuality + sociology = awesome”

  1. That is a nice piece, thanks. While Warren is certainly a major player, there are many others. And, they’ve all benefited from Federal funding to help their missionary efforts (under the guise of providing HIV/AIDS and anti-poverty services). The attack on gays and lesbians is only one of many problems with the Christian crusaders. They actively foment warfare and repression against non-Christian tribes and ethnic groups. Some of the biggest problems so far (in terms of body count) are in Nigeria, where American-backed Christianists are waging war against Islamists, and both are killing minority tribes with other religious perspectives. Faith-based foreign policy at work, from the people who brought us endless war!


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