holiday cards are in my sight

Last year, I wrote that December is the month of fail for academic women. Much is different this time around. For the first time in forever, I haven’t planned any travel in December. We’re just staying home, and we’re not having anyone over, either. Just a tiny, little nuclear family holiday sounds like a dream to someone who has to travel thousands of miles to see the next level of kin, and then thousands more to see any others.

Plus, I finished my courses, just a couple exams to go, and I can see two whole, gigantic weeks ahead of me without classes to teach and with Kid in school. I can do anything now. I have to admit that the amount of stuff I want to do is daunting: tree decorating, gift shopping, grad student paper reading, book reviewing, quantitative skill building, paper writing, and even, for the absolute first time since Kid was born, I will send out holiday cards to my friends and family.

It is even going to snow soon, and maybe we’ll have a chance to toboggan and make that snow fort Kid has been talking about since August. Whatever we do, we have a giant helping of play to accomplish during Kid’s winter break. And for once, I have enough head space to be looking forward to that without distractions. It may be a lot to do, but somehow there is an invisible line of overwhelm that December has pushed me over in the past, but this year I am on the right side of it. December is full of WIN this year.

5 thoughts on “holiday cards are in my sight”

  1. Word. I used to love Christmas and I have tried to pare back to the absolute minimum (the things I most love – cards, tree, church, big meal) and trimming the stuff that feels like more work than pay off (baking, caroling, etc), but throw in my kids’ (yes that is PLURAL POSSESSIVE) birthdays and it all amounts to being broke, running around like a chicken with her heard cut off, feeling inadequate, stressed, and generally sad.


  2. and that would be HEAD not HEARD — sorry. On the upside, I held your book in my hand yesterday, tina. It was on my grad student’s desk and I said, “OH I must get this — she has great shoes.”


  3. That’s great, Tina! I’m having trouble getting into the Christmas Spirit but I’m hoping this will pass once I hand in that last paper of the semester. A viewing of a Frosty the Snow Man couldn’t hurt, either.


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