should yankee-haters vote republican?

Shakha posted the other day about how he hates the Yankees. I hate them too. And today I see Ari Fleischer’s op-ed in the NYT lamenting (since he’s a Republican) that the Yankees haven’t won under a Republican since Eisenhower. In fact, going back to the depression, they’ve got 3 “World” (aka the US) Series wins under Republicans, and 21 under Democrats. Fleischer concludes from this that Yankee-haters should vote Republican. So I was musing about this. What to do, what to do? I do hate the Yankees. And suddenly it dawned on me. I know why the Yankees win more when a Dem is in office.

The Yankees are rich, really rich, and they buy players (I root for one of those small market teams that loses players to the Yankees). And where in the US will revenues most fluctuate with the stock market? In New York, of course! And how does the stock market fare under Republicans? Not nearly as well as under Democrats! Eureka! Pattern explained! The Yankees can buy more and better players when a Democrat is in office!

This has resolved my voting dilemma. If it were magic — Fleischer’s explanation — well, I’m not sure how to react when it comes to the supernatural. But it turns out we really can’t have growth and Yankee losses. There really is a trade off, no two ways about it.

(Yes, I realize that the stock market is not the economy, that it has a complicated relationship to things that really matter like inequality, that growth comes in many forms, some better than others, and so on. I’m just looking for a rationalization here. This will do.)

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