puzzling sign from campaign ’09

vote-noChapel Hill is in the midst of the rarest of small-town political events: a contested election, in which there are four significant candidates for mayor and a good number for contested seats on town council and school board as well. Meanwhile, this puzzling sign began popping up around town. An intervention? Comedy? Too deep for most? You decide.

Author: andrewperrin

University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill

5 thoughts on “puzzling sign from campaign ’09”

  1. Typo? Supposed to be Vote No.(#) 1 (issue/proposal/whateverthewordis)?

    Or a shout-out to Maine voters that they should vote “No” to protect their right to marriage?


  2. Damn, Andy, I have a photo in my phone of this sign but now you beat me to it. My reaction was just that it was deliberately funny, and that the Chapel Hill chapter of the Situationist International (or equivalent) was responsible.


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