i’m in detroit!

On my way to Toledo, OH (presently writing from the Westin Hotel in the Detroit Airport — they have free wifi, fyi). The plane here was packed. I wondered, as I checked in, “why? We’re leaving at 9AM from NYC to Detroit. I can’t imagine it’s that busy a route…” My answer arrived as I sat on the plane and saw people pour in. They were all wearing Michigan gear, with a couple of folks in Penn State sweatshirts. College football! How could I forget? Then again, as I remember Wisconsin, folks would drive into town on game day. But I don’t recall flights being booked. Perhaps Michigan fans are richer? I should have realized something was up when I was sent my itinerary (I’m at a conference) and the ticket cost so much. There were no fights on the plane. But when we got up to disembark, the woman sitting next to me noticed another woman wearing Penn State gear ahead of us. She looked at me, incredulous, as if she had just seen someone do something truly abhorrent. When I failed to respond appropriately, she was equally disgusted with me. I miss college football.

4 thoughts on “i’m in detroit!”

  1. Being a veteran of those flights, they are surprisingly full regardless of whether there is a football game. In part I think it is because one of Northwest’s hubs is Detroit so a lot of people fly through Detroit.

    Trust me, lots of people drive to Ann Arbor for the games. The entire city turns into a parking lot during home games. But when you have 110,000+ seats, people could take trains, planes, and automobiles and still have some room left over. Also, I think that Michigan draws A LOT of students (and, thus, alumni) from New York and New Jersey.


  2. I remember going into an Indiana bar during a basketball game. Everyone wore read and they all turned around and stared at me, felt like I showed up at someone else’s church.


  3. Coincidentally, I was on a flight from Boston to Chicago this weekend, and a ton of BC students were flying in and then driving to South Bend for the BC-ND game.

    I was in Ann Arbor for the Indiana game and…I understand the young woman on that plane completely.


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