i like to imagine it went something like this…

“It is an honor just to be nominated, but I am happy to see the award go to one of the other many deserving candidates who have worked so hard to improve our world. I, of course, hope to build a better world that does not include that scourge of our peace of mind, nuclear weaponry, but my efforts have only just begun, whereas many others have been laboring for peace for many decades. As my Presidency continues I hope to take action that will- wait, what? Um, seriously? I just won a Nobel Peace Prize? Geez, why? I… I mean, thanks?”

As a side note: yes, I know President Obama was told when we woke up. Still, I think the above about captures it. Not that I don't like Obama- or at least like him better than McCain and/or Palin- but it seems a tad early for a peace prize. What's he going to do for an encore? Cure cancer? Actually, that would be pretty rockin.

As an additional side note: The goons on Conservapedia are going to go berserk over this one. Although, that said, they've pretty much abandoned all pretense of fairness anyway.

4 thoughts on “i like to imagine it went something like this…”

  1. I kind of agree – Stephanie Miller this morning said it was a “preemptive Nobel” in that it signifies what the committee hopes Obama will do. Frankly, though, after Kissinger won the Peace Prize I’m not sure how much it means anyway!


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