10 thoughts on “glenn beck is a disaster unraveling before our eyes”

  1. It looks like he didn’t actually throw the frog in. But then what was the point? I think *pretending* to throw a frog into boiling water is sufficiently disastery.


  2. I get the metaphor with the boiling frog. However, switching it out for a fake frog that wasn’t going to hop out of water… It seems like an example fail. What is the metaphor supposed to be when the frog doesn’t jump out of boiling water?


  3. Did he ever have a frog — real or fake — in his hand? The frogs in the glass case are real, but it looked to me as though Beck brought out his hands pretending to have a frog concealed in them but actually having nothing, just as he was pretending to have some frog-analogy idea in his head , but that’s empty too.


  4. US television is a real pleasure to watch: you can fake the execution of a living creature but you cannot say “bullshit” on air. I just love the exquisite morality of it (even without being part of the Peter Singer-PETA axis of Good).

    We are talking about Glenn Beck. Just remember he is that guy:

    “A couple days after Kelly’s wife, Terry, had a miscarriage, Beck called her live on the air and says, ‘We hear you had a miscarriage,’ ” remembers Brad Miller, a former Y95 DJ and Clear Channel programmer.
    “When Terry said, ‘Yes,’ Beck proceeded to joke about how Bruce [Kelly] apparently can’t do anything right — about he can’t even have a baby.” (via)


  5. He did indeed pick up a frog… but the whole sequence was pre-taped and then edited it in. He did a follow-up segment where he explains how he did it. But, when he tried to explain WHY he did it, it was a little unclear.


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