a note to kieran

The Irish census of 1911 is online. Wonderful stuff. Not that you’d care to follow the links, but I was able to find my grandmother’s family. Her father, Mike, wasn’t yet married. As well as my grandfater’s family. He was seven years from being born. But there’s my great, great granddather, Thomas, aged 80 (born 1831). Nice to see the handwriting, and that young children are referred to as being occupied as “scholars” when they are in school! If any other readers have family who lived in Ireland back then, you might be able to find them. The census is all on-line, here: http://www.census.nationalarchives.ie/

2 thoughts on “a note to kieran”

  1. Just dug up my paternal grandfather’s household return. There they all are in their house in West Cork. He was two in 1911, the youngest of nine, with his eldest brother — more than twenty years his senior — already out of the house, possibly in America.


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