glad that’s out of the way

Most teaching days are what I would label “adequate.” They’re not spectacular, they’re not horrible, they’re just fine. Other days are great- days when you can tell the students are really connecting with what you’re saying and you know you’re presenting it well. Then, you have the other days. The lousy teaching days when things just don’t seem to come out right. And it doesn’t matter how many times you’ve presented a particular lecture- every so often, you’re just going to be terrible.

Today I had my first Bad Teaching Day of the semester. I came, I saw, I really, really blew. At least now I can stop worrying about it.

3 thoughts on “glad that’s out of the way”

  1. On the one hand, many sympathies. I once had a ‘what if I just walked out in the middle of this sentence, and never came back’ moment, not fun.

    On the other hand, what makes you think this is a ‘get it out of the way’ situation, and not the start of a long, downward spiral?


  2. Aww Drekkyinteresting – i am sure it was not that bad. at the same time, I agree with you — they happen. they happen some routine percent of the time and it can be the material, your own teaching mojo, what kind of parties there were on campus the night before and all sorts of combination.

    Sometimes the next class I actually admit it saying something like, “OK, that was not great. Here are the main points I needed you to get. Now, let’s move on and make this a good class session.” I think they respect that you are willing to admit it (even if it is not entirely your fault) and I think they are relieved that you GOT it and care enough to acknowledge it.


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