spring comes twice to chapel hill

Classes started today. I’m teaching theory and theory – to be specific, graduate theory and undergraduate theory. It’s all very exciting – the sense of new beginnings, interesting new works to teach, and fresh young faces around.

Chapel Hill is very beautiful in spring and fall, and there’s a spring-like feel to the arrival of the students on campus in the fall. They arrive on campus scared, excited, and ready either to engage in intellectual life or to become cynical and lazy. Our job: to encourage door number 1. Watching a previously-sleepy (over the summer) campus come to life as young people fill the campus, corridors, and classrooms – ahhh, spring!

Author: andrewperrin

University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill

7 thoughts on “spring comes twice to chapel hill”

  1. Woo hoo! The Duke vs Chapel Hill Grad Theory Battle Royale! Kieran Healy’s well-established cynicism meets Andy Perrin’s light-hearted optimism. Will these personalities come through in the syllabi? Is Healy stuck on the grumpy Frankfurt school? Will Perrin finally reveal the joyful side of structural functionalism?

    Hrmm….that doesn’t seem to be the way it shakes out: Simmel, Elias, and Mead vs. Adorno and Latour…I think you guys might have this backward.


  2. You know…my colleague Richard Pitt is in Durham for the year–maybe you can line yourself up a second guest speaker! Syllabus looks great, and I’m excited to crib it for next semester’s Vandy class!


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