last on the program

Somebody has to be last, and I don’t know whether my frequency of being the discussant at the last session on the last day of ASA is above average when controlling for the years I’ve been doing this and my popularity as a discussant, but this is for sure the third time, and I think maybe the 5th or 6th time I’ve had the last word, so to speak, at ASA. I’ve checked out of my room. My suitcase and laptop and I have been occupying space in the deserted public area of the Parc 55. My discussion is written and even neatly typed up.* So I have time to do a blog post. I hope you all had a great time at ASA. I had fun introducing myself twice, as it were, to some grad students, and having other folks speak in some coded away about my virtual identity.When the session is over, my oversized bag and I will head over to BART, unless a better way to get to SFO shows up. See you all next year.

* Have you noticed how even young people who have never seen a typewriter sometimes use the word?

Author: olderwoman

I'm a sociology professor but not only a sociology professor. I keep my name out of this blog because I don't want my name associated with it in a Google search. Although I never write anything in a public forum like a blog that I'd be ashamed to have associated with my name (and you shouldn't either), it is illegal for me to use my position as a public employee to advance my religious or political views, and the pseudonym helps to preserve the distinction between my public and private identities. The pseudonym also helps to protect the people I may write about in describing public or semi-public events I've been involved with. You can read about my academic work on my academic blog --Pam Oliver

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