i’m signing off

Until ASA, that is. See many of you in San Francisco. Make sure to say, “hi!” I’ll be at the scatterplot party, of course. And generally wandering around in a suit. I suspect people who only see me at conferences have a very distorted view of how I dress. Normally I’m a jeans and t-shirt kind of guy (always: sneakers). But ASA brings out the fancy in me. It’s my way of fighting against (or is it embodying?) our old name: American Sociological Society. Seriously, folks?!? NO ONE saw a problem with that one?

8 thoughts on “i’m signing off”

  1. Oh yes, ASS: I’m there! Aren’t you afraid that if you wear a suit, people will think you’re interviewing for a job?

    (Open letter to all attendees:) Be sure to register with the SWS desk in the Hilton, and then help yourself to coffee in our hospitality room.

    Safe travels.


  2. I double recommend registering for SWS. It’s cheap and having that awesome coffee and granola bar in a quiet room option makes it 100% worth the cost.


  3. Hey don’t go telling too many people about SWS or the room won’t be so quiet… of course, I’m just kidding! All are welcome!

    And seriously Shakha, I assume everyone in suits at ASS is on the job market and feels just as uncomfortable as I do in my job market suit jacket. I guess you’re the odd one out.


  4. It should have remained ASS as that is how I generally feel after four or five straight days of too much (drinking, eating, running around) and too little (sleep, healthy food, exercise, down time).


  5. Speaking of which: I’m doing an interactive presentation (like a consolation prize) next week at the AOM conference. It will be my first. How are we expected to dress?


  6. Dress like you’re going to meet the parents of someone you’re dating. I think there is no standard. You want to look comfortable in your clothes. If that is something fancy, fine. It it’s something more casual, fine. I would avoid blue jeans and sneakers. But other than that, I think it’s pretty flexible. The management folks might be fancier, however.

    As for looking like I’m on the market: I don’t care for a few reasons. 1.) Being a junior person at a place like Columbia, it’s always a good idea to keep your options open (tenure: yikes!). So reminding people of that isn’t bad. 2.) People tend to have a small place in their hearts for folks on the market. I’m happy to take their sympathy. 3.) I am a creature of habit. I have dressed up for a series of ASAs now. I suspect I always will.


  7. As I think I’ve noted before, women dress up more for the meetings than men do, are less likely to think a guy in nice clothes looks stupid (but less likely to key off a tie per se as the indicator of dressing up), and are more likely to think a guy wandering around the meeting in old jeans or cutoffs is dressing inappropriately, even if he is tenured.


  8. As a undergrad I failed my first year exams so spent my summer sitting outside the library watching various conferences come and go. One thing I noticed is that participants from the US wore slick suits, those from the UK wore navy or brown suits bought in the 1970s and those from Scandinavian countries went casual, wearing sweat shirts and pants. I plan to continue my research on this vital issue at the weekend.


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