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The trustees of Cal State just approved a 20% tuition increase, fast on the heels of a 10% increase in May. The tuition not stands at $4,026 a year – not including books, room, board, etc. This is a modest sum compared to what folks at Universities like my own pay. But then again, the students at Cal State could only dream of being as rich as most of my students – and their being at Cal State is an attempt to make that dream a reality. Faculty were told that they would have to take 2-day furloughs each month. If they don’t, they were threatened with massive layoffs. Those threats included  eliminating 15% of courses (some 22,000 of them!). Even with the furloughs firings are expected, and many adjuncts have lost their positions. Similar furloughs are expected across the UC system, along with tuition increases above the 9.3% passed in May.

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  1. Furloughs passed for UC last week — pay cuts in the form of furloughs ranging from 3-8%. More disturbing are some of the proposals coming from some UC campuses (and sociology departments in particular) to shut down programs and campuses (merced, riverside, and, in some proposals, santa cruz) to maintain the elite schools (ucla, berkeley, and, for some reason, ucsd). it does seem that CA can’t maintain this many campuses at the same levels but the proposals read (or have been perceived to be) like disingenuous efforts to make the weak weaker and hoard resources among the strong (and there is significant debate about which schools/programs are and are not elite, something the proposals do not adequately address).

    i would suspect that a move like this would disproportionately harm poor and minority resident students. beyond my own self-interest, i am delighted that it appears to have no support from the president and regents because, coupled with what is going on in the Cal State system, higher education in CA would be much less attainable than it already is… FWIW, my impression of Cal State is highly favorable — they do wonderful things with very few resources. My most engaged students are, with few exceptions, transfer students from Cal State.

    in any case, the legislature won’t pass a budget because they can’t risk releasing elderly, diabetic inmates four days early so i’m sure everything will work out well in the end.


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