campaign finance reform never looked so good.

So while cruising the old interwebs recently I ran across an exciting new political website. I refer, of course, to SarahPAC, the political action committee of Sarah Palin. Yes, that Sarah Palin. Feel free to flinch. In any case, it more or less looks like the typical PAC page except for one little thing. Now, in order to see what I mean, first look at this screenshot from SarahPAC:


See, that boxed in section reads:

Please note: There are many websites claiming to support Sarah Palin. is the ONLY political action committee authorized by Sarah Palin. [emphasis added]

Yeah, I hate those poser SarahPAC websites! I just want the real deal! Anyway, whatever humor can be wrung from this sentence is not my point. My point comes from scrolling further down the page, as captured in this second screenshot:


Now, the first box I inserted just reaffirms the above:

The Official Sarah Palin PAC

But the second… oh, the second is what makes my entire day:

Not authorized by any candidate or candidate’s committee

Okay, so, let’s sum up: SarahPAC is the “Official Sarah Palin PAC” and is the only political action committee “…authorized by Sarah Palin.” Yet, at the same time, it is “Not authorized by any candidate.” Seriously? We can do that? We can create “official” PACs oriented feeding our egos and eventual campaigns while simultaneously disavowing any responsibility? I think there is obvious potential here!

In light of these developments, I would like to announce that a group of concerned citizens has decided to start DrekPAC, the only official political action committee authorized by Drek the Uninteresting!* Check out this super awesome mockup they’ve already produced:


We accept cash, check, credit card, precious metals, and research grants. Operators are standing by!

* Not authorized by any blogger or blogger's committee.

6 thoughts on “campaign finance reform never looked so good.”

  1. Not to stick up for Sarah or anything (I’m NOT a fan), but since she isn’t technically a candidate for anything (yet?), the warning makes sense. My guess would be that if she did become a candidate for something, they’ll add her name specifically to the warning, and tone down her presence on the site, so that she can distance herself from anything the PAC has done or might do (political ads etc.).

    And isn’t the strange Alaska-shaped lake taking over the middle the country truly the creepiest part of this website?


    1. Yeah, I had that thought about her not “technically” being a candidate yet. You’re probably correct, but there’s definitely a strong “letter but not the spirit” aspect to the thing.

      What, you’ve never heard of Lake Alaska?


  2. Notice that the Lake Alaska is drawn so that Wasilla — otherwise known as “the crystal meth capital of Alaska,” “Alaska’s very own strip mall hell,” “the armpit of Alaska,” or simply “those two annoying stoplights on the Parks Highway” — is somewhere in the general vicinity of Kansas?

    Or that in SarahPAC world the tip of the Aleutians, where climate change is already starting to force the relocation of the indigenous (wait for it) Aleuts, is now Mexico’s problem?

    Conspiracy or coincidence, you be the judge…


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