party at the asa? yes, let’s!

Did you all say something about wanting to get together at the ASA? In person? Perhaps with beverages and friendly conversations? Okay, you got it. The unruly darlings of sociology, together with our more respectable overlords colleagues over at orgtheory, have been secretly colluding to arrive at the perfect date, time and place, and we think we have arrived at just the right spot.

But before I get to that, first I must tell you of the tradition of blogging get-togethers, which were started right there in San Francisco, waaay back in 2004, when we were just a wee gathering of kind, nerdy types at an annoyingly loud sports bar. As I recall, Kieran and Jeremy got into a debate with a grad student from UC Berkeley, who felt that we were doing blogs all wrong and was destined to design the perfect blog that would make sociology public again. Brayden and I ducked under the table as the barbs were thrown one way or the other and I think it was Drek who eventually dragged the body of the poor student out to the alley to be disposed of properly. Thanks, Drek. Good times.

And so you can see that this is not just any blog get-together, but is in fact a momentous occasion. And with great pleasure, I have the honour of extending a warm and heartfelt invitation to join us at the 5th 6th Annual ASA Blog Party!

Johnny Foley’s Irish House

243 O’Farrell Street, San Francisco, CA

Sunday, August 9


(I will pause now to give you a moment to type that into your calendar.)

Excellent. We all really hope you can make it, because meeting the people who write and read these blogs, it turns out, is really the best part of blogging. See you there!

16 thoughts on “party at the asa? yes, let’s!”

  1. Newark’s WBGO is playing Hank Mobley’s version of the Four Tops classic “Reach Out (I’ll Be There)”. Coincidence?


  2. I am so glad to hear that it is a good time for everyone – hopefully also a good venue to mingle and chat. As for shoes, there is plenty of time for Zappos to deliver you the perfect pair!


  3. If this is a joint party, how come no mention of it on orgtheory? Are they free-riding? Or are they too “serious” to mention something so mundane as a party? What gives?


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