the scatterplot effect

E-mail lists are dying. So says the Chronicle (thanks for the heads up, Dana!). Why? Because of blogs. I personally welcome fewer emails. Then again, I think it’s kinda fresh that I pretend like unwanted emails take up oh-so-much-time and therefore complain about them when, really, keeping up on blogs is far more time-consuming. As for the scatterplot effect, there is none. Unless you were planning on joining an email listserv that discusses the mundane issues of a few people’s lives. Orgtheory: those guys are the real murders. Are we losing anything with these deaths?

2 thoughts on “the scatterplot effect”

  1. I’d like to raise my glass to SOC-GR-FAC from which I have yet to be removed (ahem, 6 years later). I love knowing when Herb has dieffenbachia available, and to be reminded that it is toxic for cats.


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