crafty kid

Sunday morning cartoons this past weekend included a 1969 version of “The Origin of Spiderman” en français (probably from this series, but I’m not sure). Husband and I tried to fill in the blanks created by the language barrier, but the one thing Kid took from the show is that Spiderman sewed his own costume. Since Kid has his own Spiderman costume, and since the mask of it has been missing for a while, Kid immediately asked that we sew a mask. I thought I would faint with delight. To the fabric store!

It took a few days of set-up, but this morning before breakfast, Kid got his first crack at the sewing machine:


He took to it right away, and after a few practice runs, he was sewing his own Spiderman mask. Just trim the threads there…


And voila! Spiderman!


It is a crafty mom’s dream come true.

2 thoughts on “crafty kid”

  1. Fantastic, although the picture of him at the sewing machine shocked me. Just today my daughter hurt herself with a pair of scissors. I’m impressed by both of you!


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