who’s going to the canadian meetings?

The annual meeting of the Canadian Sociological Association is next week. Is anyone scatterplottish planning to attend? I’d love to meet up.

This will be my third attempt to penetrate the puzzling structure of the Canadian meetings. Part of the trouble is that this meeting is part of the much larger annual meeting of the Canadian Federation of Humanities and Social Sciences, so there are loads of people from other disciplines hanging around. Part of the trouble is the really awful website that I cannot seem to penetrate. (CSA Peeps: Please note that I will be happy to increase my membership fee by an amount sufficient to hire a web designer.)

In the past, I have been unsuccessful in finding any receptions at which to meet people and socialize. This, I now know, is because there aren’t receptions; there is a banquet that requires a separate reservation and fee. This is the first year I have figured this out, and now the banquet has been canceled, replaced by a reception (Wednesday at 5pm – I’ll be there!).

Because they are hosted at universities rather than hotels, it’s not really clear where people are to mill about, so it’s tough to run into people informally. Then again, maybe people are milling about, and the problem is that I don’t know enough people to run into anyone. So, if you’re at the meetings and you see an aimlessly wandering American permanent resident who resembles a certain cartoon icon you might have seen before, please say hello.

2 thoughts on “who’s going to the canadian meetings?”

  1. I’ll be there! You should rock the scatterplot ribbon with your nametag and start a new tradition. Those that allege a lack of professionalization in the CSA would likely be heartened to see any kind of institutionalization.


  2. At a conference where only you and I would know what it means, the Scatterplot ribbon becomes the sociology equivalent of wearing a T-shirt with the name of an obscure indie band. Husband would be proud.


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