dude, why are you so cranky?

1. It is not summer here at Northwestern yet.

2. It is not even especially close to being summer here yet.

This quarter has been a perverse celebration of the benefit to faculty of the quarter system. I had a bunch of professional obligations coincide with the beginning of the quarter, such that I started out feeling very behind. And, just like students who start graduate school with consumer debt don’t get out of it while in graduate school, faculty who start their busiest teaching quarter/semester behind don’t catch-up while it is going on. So I’ve had seven weeks of feelings alternative between ohmygodIamsofarbehind and ohmygodhowdidIgetthisfarbehind. This situation is not going to improve in the 2 1/2 weeks of teaching I have left.

But, on semesters, I would have this same feeling and still not be halfway done.

Author: jeremy

I am the Ethel and John Lindgren Professor of Sociology and a Faculty Fellow in the Institute for Policy Research at Northwestern University.

7 thoughts on “dude, why are you so cranky?”

  1. Boo to the quarter system and being in session until the middle of June. However, Seattle, unlike Chicago, has amazing summers that don’t begin until June and extend well into October, so the late September – middle of June academic year feels a little more “right” than it would elsewhere.


  2. @1 – Hee.

    (With the quarter system, I should point out that how it is experienced by faculty varies enormously depending on whether it is a school on the quarter system where faculty teach all three quarters versus a school, like NU, where at most they teach two. As far as I can tell, people teaching three quarters would prefer teaching two semesters.)


  3. i am right there with you, jeremy. this is my big teaching quarter and i started out way behind and have made progress in digging out but the pile seems to grow exponentially. case in point, i have not slept in two days because i have to send a paper to a discussant that i have no time to work on and i assume my students are grumbling my name with expletives because i am awol.

    every sept i feel delighted to be in a quarter system and every late may i curse not taking a job in a semester system. here’s to september!


  4. We had frost here in MA last night, so even though the semester is ending, it is most definitely not summer yet.

    Good luck with the end of the term to all those still teaching and grading!


  5. I have to say that I like NIH grants and NOT teaching. But then I realize that my grant is about to end and I’m teaching….duh, duh, dummmm… SUMMER SCHOOL!!!!! AHHHHHHH!


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