two birds, one stone (reply to previous post)

You want free wifi at ASA? Probably too late to change anything for 2009. Besides, if ASA didn’t devote resources to providing wired connections, there would be all this fallout about how the organization isn’t sensitive to the needs of members who cannot afford laptops, etc..

However: it’s only a matter of time before there is a resolution by ASA membership to forbid the organization from holding the annual meeting in a state where same-sex marriage is illegal. So long as it is only a matter of time, how about starting next year, with ASA 2010 in Atlanta? If there is a push by the ASA membership to move ASA 2010 to the temperate summer climate of Des Moines, I am optimistic that a generous wifi policy could be negotiated with hotels there. Equally so with ASA 2011 in Montpelier Portland, Maine.

Author: jeremy

I am the Ethel and John Lindgren Professor of Sociology and a Faculty Fellow in the Institute for Policy Research at Northwestern University.

15 thoughts on “two birds, one stone (reply to previous post)”

    1. As you were saying this, I was correcting the post to Portland. There’s also Lewiston. Maine has a number of attractive summer conference options, all of which would be very glad to have us.


  1. Another advantage of Maine is that we could have annual scatterplot party at the Khan ancestral home. Granted my parents only moved there a couple years ago. But still. Plus, you all could be entertained by the <a href=little folks who produced me. They’re both 5’3″ and skinny. I’m not. Aren’t we going back to Atlanta because we owe that hotel like $35K from last time? Where’s that money going to come from? Maybe we should run a casino at this ASA and send all the proceeds there. I won’t be doing anything at ASA. So perhaps I could organize this. Or another scatterplot party.


  2. Can somebody provide a brief synopsis of the situation that led to the ASA owing money to somebody in Atlanta? Did somebody lose a game of cards?


  3. Never go all-in holding just a high-pocket pair when you’re playing against the Committee on Committees crowd, is all I’m saying.


  4. Feeling unproductive, I actually read those minutes. Yikes. The hotel made out like bandits. It was good for them then and GREAT for them now. Did the hotel know the economy was going to collapse?


      1. Well you can always break a contract (depending on your level of risk aversion and/or willingness to pay), but that’s not what I meant — I just meant the hotel got really lucky given how the economy has played out in the meantime.


      2. I also think we might not have had to pay $43K. If we had threatened to, say, abandon the Marriott for all future events and go to other hotels in major cities they would likely have dropped the entire thing (corporate would have leaned on Atlanta in our favor). Paying $43K was the worst case scenario. I think we could have gotten away with paying $0. The argument that the hotel gave us a bad deal (members got cheaper prices on-line) could easily be extended to future conferences and threats to leave. Booking a conference hotel for a four days is no small thing. Threatening to leave a chain because they treat you badly would likely make them drop the issue.


  5. Anybody interested in advocating for queer causes might be interested to know that a boycott was suggested at an open “queer issues” meeting held at the last ASA. You should also know that many of the people — queer people — at that meeting disagreed not only with the idea of a boycott, but also with the racist and classist subtexts which often underlie the prioritization of marriage in queer political agendas.

    Perhaps a panel or meeting on the politics of being an ally is also called for at the next ASA.


    1. As an empirical matter, my prediction is that once most of the places that are generally regarded as desirable locations for ASA have same-sex marriage, if not before, there will indeed be a move/resolution for ASA not to hold meetings in the states that do not. My prediction is that this move/resolution will have the support of a majority of LGBTQI members, but some will oppose.

      Like all predictions, we shall see.


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