note to the asa

Now that the preliminary program is available online, I have been thinking about the meetings. I know that we’ve talked before about the problem of internet access at fancy schmancy hotels, but given that we are a ginormous conference bringing in lots of revenue, wouldn’t it be possible to appoint an ASA Special Ambassador to the Internet to work with the conference hotels to provide free wifi to as many conference areas as possible?

I nominate Jeremy Freese, who should have plenty of time now that he seems to have retired from blogging.

9 thoughts on “note to the asa”

  1. I actually asked ASA about this a few weeks ago and here’s the response:

    “ASA will offer free wifi in Yosemite Hall at the Hilton — this is the location for the posters and there will also be lounge seating scattered throughout the hall. There will also be a cybercafé (hardwired internet access) in the registration area. In addition, Hilton guest rooms have free internet access. While this isn’t quite as good as wifi access everywhere, it’s something.”


  2. I hereby refuse to participate in any panels, sessions, roundtables, etc. until our demands are met!

    You can find me singing my songs of freedom at the hotel bar.


  3. There will also be a cybercafé (hardwired internet access

    Hey I just woke up and it’s 1995! I guess the upshot is that I am 22 again.


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