dog food or paté?

The LA Times has this interesting piece on research about subjects evaluating different kinds of paté vs. dog food. The point they drive home: of 18 subjects only three were able to identify dog food vs. paté. That’s not many. The take home message is that  it’s hard to figure out what’s dog food. I think there’s something even more interesting going on. In the last sentence they note that even though only 17% correctly identified the dog food, a wopping 72% thought that the dog food tasted the worst of all the things they ate. In other words, it’s not that folks just weren’t able to identify the taste of dog food – most could. Rather, many subjects obviously expected “real” paté to taste bad. That, to me, is fascinating.

4 thoughts on “dog food or paté?”

  1. I know I don’t like pate; I don’t like liver, and I know what it tastes like, having had to eat it when I was a child. My spouse and I tried good pate a few times when we were young adults, figuring maybe we were being prejudiced. But each time we both concluded, nope, still liver. My children, on the other hand, have never, to my knowledge, tasted liver. They certainly never got any from us. How I’d do with dog food I guess I don’t want to find out.


  2. With a population of 18, I am not sure how meaningful this study is. But 28% thinking that dog food tastes better than some of the pates is remarkably high! I wonder how many of those were high-end pates.


  3. I love pate’. But I did have some once that was so bad that I told the friend I was with that it tasted like cat food.


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