14 thoughts on “spss is changing its name to pasw”

  1. jeremy — maybe they got tired of you highlighting how poor the software is and thought that they could throw you off their tracks for a little while. It looks like yli foiled their plans!


  2. Although the syntax editor coloring in SPSS/PASW looks pretty cool and helps address the single weakest and immutable thing about SPSS, its crazy inefficiency as a programming language.


  3. Can anyone think of a less catchy new name?

    I suggest that the new name should be pronounced “pass.” After that, the review headline writes itself. PASS ON PASW

    I was hopeful they merged they all the pieces of SPSS BASE, SPSS REGRESSIONS, SPSS MISSING DATA, SPSS TABLES, and so on, into one program when I saw the sentence about the “comprehensive set of tools” in PASS (uh, I mean PASW) 17. However, it seems these are all separate programs still. I wouldn’t be surprised if the prices go up too and they move from the convenience of buying annual licenses to monthly subscriptions with 2 year contracts. PASS!


  4. Does this mean my SPSS shirt (that I got free at a stats conference) has now jumped up in value like an artist’s paintings become more valuable after her death? Or should I do now what Jeremy would have done years ago and burn it to appease the stats gods?


  5. Predictive Analytics: Single White…

    At least now it will (eventually) not get people confused if we refer to the main tools available* as SAS and “that other thing.”

    *To those unable to use Stata, and/or working with FDA data.


  6. Cha-ching! “SPSS” stockholders! Closed at $25.11 a share on Feb 27th and on April 30th closed at $30.90…the name change / business strategy change was very lucrative!

    I decided on SYSTAT (MYSTAT is free) for teaching (and maybe some work) purposes (awesome graphics!).


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