drek, this contest is for you

Poor Drek, besotted with argumentative conspiracy theorists and burdened by his duties as one of only a handful of sociology royalty. He is surely on the path to madness as he struggles against Conservapedians. But, alas, a contest worthy of Drek’s passion and matched to his artistic skills. I give you, Drek, the Stick Figure Science Contest:

Your job is to create a cartoon that can be used to educate the general public and especially decision makers (state legislators, school board members) about the truth behind one false argument. Choose an argument …and create a cartoon that corrects the record.

Go, Drek, Go! Take your sharpened pencil and sketch up some science! We await your xkcd-like masterpiece.

2 thoughts on “drek, this contest is for you”

  1. And you know what the real absurdity of this is? I’m going to end up working on this whether I want to or not.

    At least keep me company along the way! Anyone else want to make a fool out of themselves?


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