iowa finds same-sex marriage ban unconstitutional

Dispatch from everyone’s favorite state, Iowa:

DES MOINES, Iowa (AP) — The Iowa Supreme Court says the state’s same-sex marriage ban violates the constitutional rights of gay and lesbian couples, making it the third state where gay marriage is legal.

Did You Know: Iowa City was one of the first municipalities in the United States to prohibit discrimination based on sexual orientation?* Also, Iowa’s recently implemented statewide law bans discrimination on the basis of both sexual orientation and gender identity/expression.**

* Button, James W., Barbara A. Rienzo, and Kenneth D. Wald. 1997. Private Lives, Public Conflicts: Battles over Gay Rights in American Communities. Washington, D.C.: CQ Press.

**NGLTF Issue Maps

(thx, Addy)

3 thoughts on “iowa finds same-sex marriage ban unconstitutional”

  1. That’s great news about Iowa!

    There’s also a really interesting (in my opinion) showdown in Vermont right now, where the Senate approved a gay marriage bill 26-4, and the House approved it last night, barely missing a 2/3 threshold needed to veto-proof the bill. This is key, given that the current Republican governor has promised to veto the bill. If he follows through on this promise, and there’s no further recourse for the bill, tactics and strategies to reward/punish representatives on both sides of this issue in the next elections in 2010, from both pro and anti-gay marriage organizations, are interesting potential issues to me.


  2. Great news. (Lots of sociologists signed onto a brief in this case, on the use of expert witnesses and scientific testimony.)


  3. @1: The Vermont case is very interesting, especially given Vermont’s leadership on this issue. It is a very different political ballgame than even ten years ago, when politicians did not want to touch this issue with a 10-foot pole.

    @2: Days like these, I am so proud to be a sociologist.


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