i like science, but this is just mean

Scientists in Northern Ireland conducted a study that suggests that shellfish feel pain. They gave electric shocks to hermit crabs to see if they would react, and they did, grooming their abdomens and leaving their old shells for new ones.

Next up, a study of whether ants can survive in the presence of maginfied sunlight.

7 thoughts on “i like science, but this is just mean”

  1. This is fascinating, but I must admit that it was extremely hard for me to read the original article. I know the psych people are taking biology/evolutionary processes quite seriously, but I think we sociologists need to think about jumping on the bandwagon. “Lower” species certainly have amazing cognitive abilities, and their “social (animal?) systems” have a lot of potential to inform our work. Do I think this will happen soon, however? No, despite the Evolution and Society section of the ASA.


  2. You must not talk to biologists very often. This is extremely light compared to what others do.

    My fiancee worked in a lab that bombarded rats with radiation until they died, then they performed a necropsy and stored the tumors for study. Another person I met at a party would randomly vary a form of feline HIV and inject into cats to see if they died any quicker than normal.


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