baseball at the asa

Going to a baseball game at the ASA with people you’ve never met in person is a longstanding bloggerly tradition, almost as longstanding as drinking together, but not quite. This year, as the ASA is in San Francisco, Brayden and I are particularly excited to see our beloved Giants in our beloved Pac Bell AT&T Park. Because tickets go fast, and because the ASA website isn’t coughing up the details of our presentation times, we have to get tickets before we know our schedules. So, we’ve decided to catch a game on the evening of the last day of the conference, August 11, after things are all over.

Imagine hanging out with your nerdy friends, keeping score on your homemade scoresheets that you designed in WordPerfect 5.0 when you were temping your way through grad school back in the 90s, drinking an Anchor Steam, eating garlic fries (or, for the old skool Giants fans, a Bud and a Polish), and watching the heroic Giants defeat the most-despised Dodgers. That, my friends, is a perfect evening.

All are welcome. Send me a note at fetner at gmail dot com before Friday.

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