i didn’t know there was going to be a bikini wax ban

So apparently the state of New Jersey was going to ban “Brazilian” bikini waxes after two women were hospitalized because of infections after the procedure. But the bill was pulled. In my brief on-line searching on this I found two great lines. One from a fellow academic blogger, “Mammals have hair. Get used to it.” and another from an article on the dangers on the procedure (in an academic journal). To quote yet another fellow academic blogger, “This paper provides the best line I’ve ever seen in a science journal: ‘In addition, pubic hair can be styled into various designs and can be dyed.'” You can see the article here.

One thought on “i didn’t know there was going to be a bikini wax ban”

  1. Brazilian Bikini waxing isn’t nearly as creepy as anal bleaching. I mean I can see there being an actual real chauvinist who complains about too much hair during oral sex or something. But I refuse to believe that the chauvinist exists who says “You know, I like you, but I can’t get with a girl who gots a dark butthole. They got stuff for that, you know”. The desire for anal bleaching has to be such a complete internalization of beauty myths and gender roles. The dictionary definition of patriarchy should be “women thinking their assholes are too dark”.


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