9 thoughts on “i guess i’ll just go in the aisle, then…”

  1. Ever the optimist Jeremy. Surely US Air has just decided to the same thing as Ryan Air, and has recognized that they’ll have stronger monopoly pricing power if they charge people for drinks at time of egress rather than at time of entrance.


  2. O’Leary is making at least three wrong assumptions:

    1. If he is joking, he must assume that all the people who read his initial claim will then read his counter-claim.

    2. If he is not joking, he must assume that people will abide to pay or not to pee in an environment with no law enforcement.

    3. If he is not joking, he must assume that the unintended consequences of the initiative (namely, urine on the aircraft floor and complaints) will not cost more than the initiative itself.

    I believe he is joking, and I also believe that the costs of each assumption can be ordered 1<2<3.


  3. You guys know pay toilets are relatively more common in Europe, right? I mean, it just isn’t as illogical or humerous in that context, is it?


  4. Carlyconfused: fair enough. These days I’d give up almost anything to fly around the U.S. at Ryan air prices. I don’t need to urinate THAT badly.


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