ask a scatterbrain: have you known someone who…

A reader asks for help finding a particular sort of survey data:

Specifically, I need datasets that ask respondents whether they have experienced X thing and also ask whether they know someone who has experienced X thing. So, for example: Q1: Have you ever been abducted by aliens? Q2: Do you know anyone who has been abducted by aliens?…any substantive issue will do.

Is anyone familiar with such a dataset, preferably from the U.S. within the last 25 years? Or, alternatively, do you have any suggestions on how to search for a type of question, as opposed to a variable name?

4 thoughts on “ask a scatterbrain: have you known someone who…”

  1. ICPSR at one time was working on a variable level search engine that crawled through question-text. It looks like that project never made it to prime time. (Though they were working on it 5 years ago when is still worked there).

    One of the programmers from the Substance Abuse Archive at ICPSR built a search engine to find text strings in the question text of studies marked up for the SDA on-line analysis system.

    Another thought is to check the Dataverse Project at Harvard. I beta tested the six or seven years ago and it wasn’t ready for primetime, but they’ve got some pretty smart people working on that project.

    That’s it. I’m cashed.


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