according to the LATimes, this is front page news

“The most rigorous test of several popular diet strategies has found that any diet low in calories and saturated fats and that an individual can stick with for a lifetime is best.”

Is anyone surprised? I mean… I don’t know. This is a profound finding? All bacon all the time isn’t going to work? Let me tell you something: we fat people know there’s no magical plan, no hidden process we’re missing. Okay. Back to work. I have to finish a paper today…

3 thoughts on “according to the LATimes, this is front page news”

  1. Well, you can thank Sam Zell. That @#!&* has gutted our paper – they’ve cut the California/Metro sections, the book section, fired a whole mess of staffers…it’s pretty much Season 5 of the Wire with palm trees.

    Interested parties should check out and

    It really is a shame. The LAT was a great paper once.(And a not so great paper a lot of the rest of the time, but still.)


  2. Shakha, I say bring on the bacon. More of us to love. Try my method of compensation: guzzle plenty of red wine for the artery-clearing tannins.

    And for those who must be skinny beatches at all insane costs there’s always Bacon Salt!


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