sex scholar witch hunt in georgia

Republican state legislators in Georgia are picking on some courses on sexuality, claiming that they are inappropriate uses of taxpayer money. I hadn’t posted on this before, because by the time I found out about it, the case seemed closed. The scholars in question testified before the Georgia House Committee on Higher Education, which received their work on HIV transmission and attitudes toward sexual behaviours well, making clear that this committee found the work to be valuable. Unfortunately, that has not stalled the state representatives, Calvin Hill and Charlice Byrd:

“We are going to continue to investigate, and continue to ask our constitutents to investigate,” Rep. Calvin Hill, R-Canton, said this morning.

Hill joined Rep. Charlice Byrd, R-Woodstock, last week in criticizing state public universities for offering classes on topics such as male prostitution and oral sex after seeing a Georgia State University list of faculty research experts.

Picking on sexualities scholars is nothing new, but the economic crisis has given new life to the anti-intellectual and anti-sex crusaders that often has a strong anti-gay undertone as well. Sexualities may be the easiest target, but there is no way that an anti-intellectual movement against particular topics in higher education research will stop there.

3 thoughts on “sex scholar witch hunt in georgia”

  1. Incidentally, apparently at least one of the legislators did not realize that being listed as a faculty expert on oral sex is not the same as offering a course on the subject.

    I’ll admit that I’m not sure why she was listed as an expert on “oral sex” as opposed to “cultural meanings of oral sex” or some such.


  2. Some of that may not be the scholar’s fault. Often university public relations people put together those press packets, and some PR people are a bit concrete operational.

    Or, maybe she’s just really focused and specialized….and thinks that her demographer colleagues are narrow for studying functional mobility among the US elderly….


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