kissing booth

Tardy, yes, but I just learned/realized/discovered today that the University of Chicago’s Graduate School of Business has sold its naming rights and now is rebranding itself as “Chicago Booth.”  This seems a goofy name to me alongside Wharton and Kellogg and Sloan and such.  It’s also seems an unfortunate missed dark comedy opportunity, if only “Wilkes” were added to the middle.

All of which of course made me wonder how much it cost someone to get their alma mater to rename itself Chicago Booth. Answer: $300 million.

I suppose partly every new name seems goofy and then you get used to it.  (Except for the Toronto Raptors, which was goofy then and worse now.)  I don’t just note this because I presume Mr. Booth has a team of Googlers and the ability to crush me and everyone who has ever made me smile.

Political science at Berkeley has sold its name, but if there is any place in sociology that has done so, I’m not aware of it.  Maybe if there wasn’t this proto-depression there would be some megaconservative financier who would be willing to use an hour’s pay to buy the name of some prominent sociology department just out of a sense of mischief.  He could have an secret online reverse auction to see which top 10 department would be willing to do it for the least money.

4 thoughts on “kissing booth”

  1. AND, Boalt Hall School of Law has been renamed (after hiring well-paid consultants) to be called Berkeley Law School. (How much do you get for coming up with that brilliance?) I think Mr. Boalt (he had to be a mister) is turning over in his grave. AND, you know this is just an interim name so they can resell the name. So think about it people who are going to buy such things. Once you have been dead a while, they are going to forget you and resell whatever you bought.

    Yes, I am a little bitter about the name change of my law school.


  2. I think threatening to rename a school/program something stupid might be a good fund-raising strategy. I’d think about chipping in if my alma mater were to be renamed, “Budweiser College.”


  3. Shamus, I don’t know if you’re talking about your graduate alma mater, but if you are, know this: it would NEVER be “Budweiser College.”

    Miller Genuine University, on the other hand, could potentially happen.


  4. Indeed! In which case I would hope we became “The Schlitz Department of Sociology.”

    That would also help the department pay for beer at social events. You’d have to get it compted, no?


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