making a fool of myself

So I’m just about to leave Savannah after SWS. Story: First morning, I head to breakfast. I grab some coffee, and look around for something to eat. I grab some fruit and then find some oatmeal. I start spooning the oatmeal into a bowl. A big bowl of it. And suddenly I notice that that folks are looking at me, horrified. Why? Turns out the oatmeal isn’t oatmeal. It’s country style gravy. So I basically had a big bowl of gravy. For the rest of the conference as I met people I kept wondering if they were thinking, “there’s that guy who ate a big bowl of gravy for breakfast. No wonder he’s fat!”

7 thoughts on “making a fool of myself”

  1. I would go back to Savannah to go to Mrs. Wilkes (provided we got to sit with the same people). That and the crab shack on Tybee Island, which was fantastic.


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