to my ridiculous frozen pipes

First of all, it’s not even that cold. It’s only -4C, and yesterday, we were up above zero all day. Last month, we had that week-long stretch of -20, and you didn’t freeze then. You didn’t freeze at all last winter, even when we were away. We’re not on vacation, the furnace has been on at its normal temperature, and we’ve been running the water. Kid even had a toasty bath just a few hours ago! This is a little unreasonable, don’t you think? Sure, the hot water heater’s pilot light went out. But, really, is your constitution that delicate? Is that warm pipe slinking up the wall really the only thing keeping the liquid flowing? And yes, it’s good that poor Husband, who has the best job in the world except for how he has to stay up to 3am on Monday nights, found out that you were frozen at 2:30am. He re-lit the pilot light, and hopefully saved us from a burst pipe. But did you really expect me to fall back asleep after that?

Update: Pipes, I’m sorry. I didn’t know that a water main broke, shutting water down to a trickle. Is that what shut down the hot water heater, or was that just a coincidence that threw us off the trail. Either way, with just a little bit of water and no heat, who could blame you for freezing in spots? After the water comes back on, I’ll make us a cup of tea.

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