a new spin on an old favorite

Recently, I have been receiving a lot of vacation mail notices.  Ordinarily, people say either they are going to be slow responding while they are away or that they won’t respond until they return.  But the two below two basically state that because the email was received while they are away, that they probably won’t respond at all!

(1) I will be out of the office until January 19 and often not reading email during that time.  So I may not respond to your message when I return.

(2) I will be away from the office from January 14, 2009 through January 20, 2009 with limited access to email.  If you need immediate assistance, please contact XXXXXX for assistance.  Otherwise, please resend your message after January 19th.

I think from now on, I will use this kind of message when I leave the office at 5:00.

4 thoughts on “a new spin on an old favorite”

  1. An academic friend (not a sociologist) recently told me that she deletes emails from students that arrive at any time other than scheduled office hours. (Of course, students are told this is the course policy.) I thought this was ASTONISHING.


  2. I do miss the old days, when email was “fun mail.” Like when I was a kid and only cards or letters appeared in the mailbox with my name on it. Now email has become that stack of junk mail and bills with a sprinkling of fun (or even relevant) stuff.

    Jenn@1: Wow. I wanted to deduct points anytime a student emailed me with a question that could be answered by reading the syllabus, but was told that was too cruel.


  3. @2 jessica – I know someone who actually had that policy. She never had to enforce it because the first day or two someone asked in class a question that was on the syllabus and the class got on that person because they were going to lose points. After that, she said that her students were very careful to ensure that they did not ask any questions on the syllabus.


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