The list of candidates for American Sociological Association offices is now out. I am running for the Committee for Publications. Vote for me and I will end (1) the requirement that you include the publisher’s city in citations and (2) waterboarding. I am also working on a revenue enhancement plan in which people who sign up new members to ASA will automatically be entered into a drawing for a free accepted manuscript at the American Sociological Review.

Author: jeremy

I am the Ethel and John Lindgren Professor of Sociology and a Faculty Fellow in the Institute for Policy Research at Northwestern University.

14 thoughts on “platform”

  1. This city thing is an extremely important issue. I can’t vote because I let my ASA membership lapse now that I’ve decided to go over to the dark side. But I would vote for you, Jeremy, seriously. The city thing has got. to. go. What is this, 1856?


  2. i’m going to vote for you and i’m going to steal as many ASA membership cards as possible to vote for you on my dear colleagues’ behalf. if i send you all these stolen membership cards, will you enter me into the free ASR pub drawing?


  3. Come one, isn’t it fun to know that Springer had headquarters in Dordrecht and London?

    My favourite hated items are publishers with more than one city, e.g. Springer, and people who tell me that I have to write Cambridge, Mass. instead of Cambridge (in which case I want Oxford UP books referred to as books from Oxford, Oxfordshire, England, UK, EU).

    Many history journals asked just for the publisher’s city and not for the publisher itself.


  4. If you’re going to take up a cause Jeremy, could you please convince the ASR board to no longer require submitting paper copies when you make a submission?


  5. I’ll vote for you. Whenever I am looking up a city I think about some poor reader who really needs the work cited who travels to and wanders around the city asking people if they know where the press is.


  6. You people give in too easily. What about demanding free submission for not just grad students but non-tenured faculty? A standardization in fonts so I no longer get the very annoying journal using a font that I cannot name that makes the titles of the papers nearly illegible? What else do we demand?

    I’m sure we could wrangle a few more promises out of him.


  7. My pet peeves are the requirements to send paper copies and to send Word files. Perhaps the publications committee can consider allowing LaTex files? Or at least not requiring conversion into Word and crazy formatting changes until the paper has been accepted.


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