isn’t it about time for another mario kart party?

No, not yet. You are still on winter break, after all, and then you have to get something in for the ASA. I know! Why not reward ourselves for our good work just after the ASA deadline, say Friday, January 16? Or is that American 3-day weekend going to get in our way? Probably.

Okay, then: Friday, January 23rd, 8pm EST. Who’s with me?

8 thoughts on “isn’t it about time for another mario kart party?”

  1. I wanna. But I’ll be without the computer savvy Mad Slave who figured it out for me next year. Guess I’ll be there if I can figure out the whole adding of numbers and what not.

    You all inspired me, btw. I actually used Mario Kart Wii to teach about minimal group paradigm in my social psych class. Hopefully ASA teaching section will think it as awesome as my co-author, my students, and I did.


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