pregnancy update: no news

The fertility clinic is a lovely place. Everyone is so cheery and confident about Getting You Pregnant. The resident takes all of your information cheerfully, and then the doctor comes in.

Last time, we needed Clomid and IUI to get pregnant. We’d like to do that again.

Well, at your age, I suggest we go more aggressive: injectable hormones and IVF.

*Gasp* Can you tell me about the chances of twins?

Each cycle of IVF: 35% chance of pregnancy, 50/50 twins.

Well, there’s nothing like the spectre of twins to clarify your decision about having a second. We decided to forego the IVF, and go with the less aggressive IUI that we came in for. The success rate at your age is only 10% a cycle, so it might just get us zero, which we will try very hard to remember is just fine.

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